Welcome to my Blog!

As many of you know, my obsession with food started when my daughter was first diagnosed. Well,  as hard as I tried to do everything......we had completely fallen off that way of living when I opened my retail shop about 2 and half years ago. Working 7 days a week will do that to you! Now that my shop is closed, I have refocus on what my family and I put in our mouths. In January we all went to the doctor to weigh in and have our vitals checked and in the last couple of years all of our health went in the wrong directions.  My son and I gain a significant amount of weight, my daughter wasn't gaining weight and all her progress was starting to backslide. The doctor started checking our hearts, cholesterol, diabetes........talking about being obese! And on the road to being MORBIDLY OBESE!  

After that visit, we made a drastic change and dumped ALL the junk food! Junk food to me includes all products containing any animal ingredients.  Again, we are jumping on the plant-based lifestyle!  

 So....long story short.....welcome to my blog! One woman's journey to eat a plant based lifestyle. 




Christina Bill