Established in 2014.

People often ask how I got started, & simply put, my daughter can't have dairy. Shortly after my daughter turned 6 she was diagnosed with ADHD and a sensory impairment. As any mother will probably tell you, I became completely obsessed! I searched for knowledge to fully understand what this meant, & how can I help her.  Utilizing the information I found, we began to make lifestyle changes at home, beginning with a complete foodie makeover. No ingredients we can't pronounce, no dairy, no junk. I don't know about you, but trying to find raw, all natural foods that didn't cost an arm and a leg was the challenge.  That's when we stumbled across an Oil & Vinegar franchise in Spokane. People who know me know that "stumbled" is a broad was my mother's shop.  She is the one who inspired me to start utilizing the infused oils & vinegars in our everyday meals, & made everything taste amazing! They didn't cost too much, you only needed a little, & it was is simple to incorporate into our meals!

So I began to take steps to make my own infusions using the best quality ingredients locally sourced.  In 2014 I opened my 1st retail shop and I was able to invested in over 2 dozen local food artisans that offer unique infusions for the everyday foodie, just like me.  January of 2017 we said goodbye to the retail shop, and evolved to a mobile Oil & Vinegar Shop! Check out our FIND US tab or download our mobile app today!  


Our Mission......Gourmet the Gives Back!


Coming Soon.